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$10 Earrings
Matching pieces available upon request.
More earrings are available on the Sets, Couture, and Seasonal pages.
Grapevine earrings $10
Olive green glass and purple Czech crystals on copper wires.
Blue Amphora earrings $10 Blue glass beads, silver plated earwires.
Silver Disc earrings $10
Silver discs and stardust balls with gold-plated spacers and leaves, silver plated earwires.
Tangled in Gold earrings $10
Purple glass beads, gold plated rings and earwires.
Falling Leaves earrings $10
Tiger eye rounds, Czech crystals and gold-plated leaves and earwires.
Picasso earrings $10
Foil barrel beads spattered with colors, green glass pearls, silver plated filigree rounds and tiny amber crystals, silver plated earwires.
Snowy Night earrings $10
Snowflake obsidian chips, black glass rounds, and silver plated daisy spacers and earwires.
Autumn Mahogany earrings $10 Dyed fresh water pearls, wood rounds, and copper plated wires.
Kiwi Drops earrings $10
Olive glass and black Czech crystals on copper earwires.
Big Heart Hoop earrings $10
Silver plated hoops, heart charms and earwires.
Wishing Well earrings $10
Sky blue crystals, metallic rondels and a clear glass drop. Gold plated earwires.
Pink petals earrings #2 $10
Freshwater pearls, and Chinese crystals, silver plated earwires.
Pink Zing earrings $10
Pink shell coins, glass pearls, and silver plated rounds and earwires.
Mini Heart Hoop earrings $10
Silver plated hearts and rose colored
Swarovski crystals, silver plated earwires.
Eye of the Sun #1 $10
Black and gold foil ovals on gold plated earwires.
Eye of the Sun #2 $10
Gold plated chain, filigree rounds and earwires.
Montana Gold earrings $10
Czech crystals on gold plated earwires.
Party Girl earrings $10
Red crystal rondels with silver stardust rounds, silver plated earwires.
Blush earrings $10
Shell beads, foil rounds, red crystal bicones and glass pearls, gold plated earwires.
Cranberry Autumn earrings $10
Copper chain, dyed freshwater pearls and honey-colored glass faceted rounds. Copper plated earwires.
Pink Ombre earrings $10
Crystals fading from clear to pink to purple and silver filigree balls, silver plated earwires.
Ice Drops earrings $10
Clear crystals in several sizes and shapes, silver plated earwires.
Delicate earrings $10
Pink and gold freshwater pearls, Czech crystals and glass shapes, gold plated earwires.
Bluebells earrings $10
Blue and yellow dyed shell, silver plated earwires.
Peace and Love earrings $10
Foil hearts, stardust rounds and silver plated peace signs and earwires.
Pink Drop earrings $10
Czech crystals on silver plated chain and wires.
Leaves Fall Down earrings
Czech crystal, glass and copper flowers, gold plated earwires.
Free Bird earrings $10
Blue Swarovski crystals and silver plated birds and earwires.
Green & Wood earrings $10
Wood rondels and green aventurine rounds with copper accents and earwires.
Spring earrings $10
Green rondels with delicate pink crystals and glass pearls, gold plated earwires.
Pastel earrings $10
Green Swarovski bicones and blue crystal rounds with silver plated charms and earwires.
Pink and Blue earrings $10
Blue and pink faceted crystals together with a blended oval crackle glass bead, silver plated earwires.
Flower Power earrings $10
Dyed shell flowers with pink centers and tiny baby bead accents, silver plated earwires.
Bohemian Bone earrings $10
Black dyed shell flowers with carved bone centers, black glass rounds, silver plated earwires.
Heart Throb earrings $10
Tiny silver plated hearts and big red Czech crystals, silver plated earwires.
Pink Cube earrings $10
Pink foil cubes and silver plated hearts and earwires.
Cinderella earrings $10
Light blue tube beads and crystals, glass pearls and silver plated filigree rounds and earwires.
Autumn Adventure earrings $10 Aventurine rectangles, orange and clear Swarovski crystals, gold plated butterflies and earwires.
Elemental earrings $10
Amazonite chips, silver freshwater pearls and black rounds on silver plated earwires.
Bubblegum Hearts earrings $10 Pink enamel hearts on silver plated earwires.
Cobalt Majesty earrings $10
Blue glass shapes, gold stardust rounds, copper spacers. Gold plated earwires.
Aquarius earrings $10
Glass shapes, Czech crystals, dyed freshwater pearls, silver plated earwires.
Pink petals earrings #1 $10
Dyed pink shell flowers and white rounds, silver plated earwires.
Heaven earrings $10
Apatite chips and white potato pearls. Silver plated earwires.
Garnet Dreams earrings $10
Genuine garnet and peridot. Silver plated flowers and earwires.
Copper Geometry earrings $10 Glass foil cubes and rounds, crystals and seed beads with copper plated earwires.
Kambaba earrings $10
Black agate chunks and dark green Kambaba jasper with silver plated spacers and earwires.
Lavender Window earrings
Purple "framed" beads, seed beads on gold plated lever backs.
Blue and Copper earrings $10
Blue crystals, freshwater pearls and copper beads and earwires.
Watermelon earrings $10
Strawberry quartz rounds, glass ovals, Czech and Swarovski crystals, gold plated earwires.
Snowball earrings $10
Crystals, glass pearls and silver plated earwires.
Love You So earrings $10
Pink shell hearts, Swarovski crystals, silver plated hearts and earwires.
I Love Summer earrings $10
Bright yellow shell flowers with pink shell hearts, gold plated earwires.
August earrings $10
Glass shapes, amber colored foil beads and gold plated earwires.
Simple Pearl earrings $10
Glass pearls and gold plated rounds and earwires.
Moonlit Night earrings $10
Blue wooden tubes, moonstone and glass cubes. Silver plated stars and earwires.
Pearl Dreamer earrings $10
Crystal rondels, glass pearls and silver plated earwires.
Blue Skies earrings $10
Glass shapes, Czech crystals and silver plated earwires.
Rose Quartz earrings $10
Rose quartz rounds, silver plated spacers and earwires.
My Mama's Pearl earrings $10
Cream glass pearls, green crystals and gold plated earwires.
Blue Candy earrings $10
Shell coins, round crystals, seed beads and silver plated earwires.
Pink Candy earrings $10
Shell coins, crystals, seed beads and silver plated earwires.
Purple Candy earrings $10
Shell coins, crystals and silver plated earwires.
Loud and Proud earrings $10
Czech crystals, glass rounds and tubes, silver plated spacers and earwires.
Mohawk earrings $10
Czech crystals, pink rounds and silver plated earwires.
Orange and Pearl earrings $10
Large glass pearls, orange crystal set rondels, Czech crystals and gold plated earwires.
Cosmopolitan earrings $10
Green crystal rondels, silver plated stamped disks and earwires.
Whisper earrings $10
Blue glass rondels and bicone Swarovski crystals, cream glass pearls, gold plated earwires.
Gold Drops earrings $10
Gold foil rectangles, gold colored aluminum chain, gold plated earwires.
Cresent Moon earrings $10
Czech crystals, silver plated round charms and earwires.
Simple Sun earrings $10
Glass sunburst beads, gold plated chain and earwires.
Mint Ice Cream earrings $10
Swarovski, Czech crystals and gold plated bead caps and earwires.
Strawberry Ice Cream earrings $10
Swarovski and Czech crystals, silver plated bead caps and earwires.
Flying Thru Hoops earrings $10
Silver plated swallows, large hoops, stardust rounds and earwires.
Wave Tossed earrings $10
Foil round beads, gold plated earwires.
It's A Boy earrings $10
Baby blue foil hearts, silver plated findings and earwires.
Baby Shower earrings $10
Purple crystals, silver plated findings and earwires.
It's A Girl earrings $10
Light pink foil hearts, silver plated findings and earwires.
Concert earrings $10
Czech glass shapes in red and black, silver plated chain and earwires.
Peppermint Hoops earrings $10
Red and white striped glass rectangle beads, silver plated hoops and earwires.
Purple Waves earrings $10
Purple glass and blue Swarovski crystals, silver plated earwires.
Red and Copper earrings $10
Red Glass beads, copper rounds and earwires.
Bleeding Heart earrings $10
Red glass drops, silver plated beads and earwires.
Emerald Wrapped earrings $10
Czech crystals wrapped with gold colored wire, gold plated filigree balls and earwires.
Ocean earrings $10
Swarovski crystals, blue wooden beads, frosted glass and copper earwires.
Fire Stone earrings $10
Burnt orange Czech crystals, greenish brown speckled stone beads and copper earwires.
Hot Spot earrings $10
Black glass "evil eye" beads with white opaque rounds and red/black swirl beads. Silver plated earwires.
Melissa's Custom Beadwork
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