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Southwest necklace $20
17" long
This simple necklace consists of tumbled turquoise chunks alternating with silver plated rounds. Finished with silver plated spacers and toggle.
Southern Hemisphere necklace $30
17" long
Featuring stones from south of the Equator! Kiwi jasper focal really stands out in this necklace. Additional components include Amazonite chips, Czech crystals, hematite, black glass, and silver plated spacers, bead caps and toggle clasp.
Marooned necklace $35
15" long
Woven double strand necklace with coconut seeds, dyed red coral chips, wood barrel beads, baby beads and silver plated daisy spacers with a silver plated toggle. Makes me think of being happily marooned on my own island.
Gothic in Bloom necklace $20
17-1/2" to 19" adjustable
Braided black leather cords, woven with silver plated spikes and tiny flowers. Stamped silver plated cross is 2" long. Closes with a lobster clasp and 2 inches of adjustable chain. Very popular with the teen crowd. Matching earrings upon request. For a more masculine look for the guys, I can remove the flowers.
Glittering Cascade necklace $35
16" long
This necklace flaunts a host of Swarovski crystals in various shades of blue and purple that glitter with every movement. Finished with silver plated chain and toggle.
Medallion necklace $35
19" long
This asymmetric, mystical creation features a host of foil, Dichroic, Swarovski, stardust, glass round, dyed quartz and colorful baby beads with silver plated spacers, chain and toggle clasp. Foil pendant is a wavy disk shape with shades of purple, cobalt, aqua, russet, silver and a hint of black.
Tiger Stones necklace $25
14-1/2" long
This necklace features a free-form red tiger eye focal and rounds, Czech crystals and speckled stone rectangles with a gold plated toggle.
Jumbled Contrast necklace $35
20" long
Emerald green and hot pink combine in a jubilant explosion of color in this necklace. Glass shapes, crystal, dyed quartz and baby beads alternate pink and green. Finished with silver plated lobster clasp.
Harley necklace $20
22" long
Part of the Mens Collection.
Features gun metal colored chain in various sizes braided with knotted leather cording with silver plated accents and toggle clasp.
Chopper necklace $20
18" to 19" adjustable
Part of the Mens Collection.
Gun metal colored chain woven with black leather cording. Closed with a silver plated lobster clasp and adjustable chain.
Summertime necklace $20
18" long
Yellow and blue millefiori disks mix with sky blue Czech and Swarovski crystals, dyed yellow quartz rounds and blue glass pearls. Gold plated toggle.
Contemporary Wonder necklace $35
15" long
Amethyst, black Agate and Moon stone on silver plated chain. Multiple strands of chain give this necklace a popular textured look. Finished with a silver plated toggle clasp.
Grassy Hill necklace $35
17" long
If you love green, this is the necklace for you! A mix of emerald green glass shapes, Czech and Swarovski crystals with a swirled foil pendant. Copper accents and toggle clasp.
Glory of the Changing Seasons necklace $55
29" long
Absolutely stunning celebration of the seasonal transition from Summer to Fall. Composed of a huge two-tone agate pendant, carnelian chips, chunks and rounds, green aventurine, red tiger eye rounds, malachite chips, smokey quartz coins, baby beads and gold plated spacers, fancy toggle and chain.
Raining Love necklace $35
Adjustable up to 16"
Staggered strands of silver plated chain hold red Czech glass hearts and crystals. A single pair of wings and red Swarovski crystal is the focal for this necklace. Longest dangle is 4-1/2" long. Silver plated lobster clasp.
Appaloosa necklace $35
19-1/2" long
Mahogany obsidian teardrop pendant is 2'' long. Mahogany obsidian nuggets, snowflake obsidian round, barrel, and chip beads, copper filigree rounds, spacers and clasp.
Sunset necklace $30
15-1/2" long
This warm-toned piece includes a carnelian drop pendant, red agate chunks, carnelian chips, amber chips, Swarovski crystals, black spacers, gold filigree balls and baby beads. Finished with gold plated toggle.
Rosebud necklace $30
Shortest strand 18" to 21-1/2" adjustable
Three-strand necklace of pink glass pearls and genuine Rhodochrosite nuggets accented with silver plated spacers, chain and bead caps. Strung and knotted on pink silk cord. Closed with a lobster clasp and adjustable chain.
Spring Twilight necklace $20
16" long
Asymmetrical choker with Rose Quartz focal combined with Amethyst, Black Agate, Moon Stone and purple gold stone - it sparkles! Silver-plated toggle clasp.
Harmony necklace $40
17-1/4" long
Four strands of chain with gold freshwater pearls, green glass pearls, lavender Czech crystals and pink cat's eye rounds. Silver plated leaf toggle, gold plated butterfly.
Serenity and Sunshine necklace $50
18" long
Lovely amethyst, citrine and ametrine chips, rounds and rectangles spaced with lavender seed beads. Free-form focal is ametrine, wire-wrapped by hand. Two strands are twisted around each other and can be twisted tighter or untwisted for different looks. Gold plated toggle clasp.
The Many Colors of Love necklace $30
20" long
Big foil hearts make up the front of this necklace. Hearts, Czech crystals and seed beads in dark blue, honey, red, white, pink, purple, light blue and light green comprise this piece. Silver plated rose toggle clasp.
Heart of Au necklace $25
15" long
Light weight black and gold tone aluminum chain with a little winged heart charm and black Czech crystal dangle. Silver plated rose toggle clasp.
Cherry Soda necklace $35
17-1/2" long
This necklace features an adorable hand-made fused-glass cherry pendant. Fusing gives the cherries a neat 3D effect. Strung with assorted glass shapes, fresh water pearls and baby beads. Silver plated toggle clasp.
Swoop necklace $25
15-1/2" long
Aluminum chain in silver and gold finishes with key and heart charms and a silver plated toggle clasp.
Summer Spirit necklace $20
18-1/2" long
Simple and just enough to add a bit of sparkle to an outfit. Large orange glass focal bead with red glass beads, orange Czech crystals and gold plated filigree, chain and clasp.
Stonehenge necklace $25
16" Long
Green and black Kambaba jasper, black agate, glass twist beads. Silver plated spacer beads and toggle clasp.
Black-eyed Susans necklace $25
17-1/2" long
Features dyed yellow shell flowers with black agate centers, Czech crystals and dyed green shell chips. Notice the tiny green lady bugs near the center. Finished with a silver plated toggle.
Confetti necklace $40
15-1/2 to 17-1/2" long
Dyed fresh water pearls braided on flexible Beadalon wire. Adjustable silver plated chain, lobster clasp.
Sea, Land and Sky necklace $30
24" long
Foil squares in green and two shades of blue make up this pretty necklace. Glass shapes and crystals complete the look, finished with a silver plated toggle clasp
Purple Blossoms necklace $25
20" long
This piece features purple and yellow lampworked flowers, green hurricane glass leaves, purple Czech crystals, green Chinese crystals and lavender baby beads, accented with silver plated toggle clasp.
Wish Upon a Star necklace $30
16-1/2" long
Foil star pendant is 1-1/4'' long and contains hues of mauve, yellow and blue. Pink rondels and crystal, yellow glass squares, and blue striped stars bring the colors together. Durable aluminum chain. Tiny silver plated stars and toggle clasp. Perfect for a young tween or teen.
Mix it Up necklace $25
21" Long
Blue, green, and lavender foil squares with "framed" glass beads in complimenting colors. Faceted glass beads fill out the back. Gold plated spacers and clasp.
Amethyst Dream necklace $35
18" long
Deep purple amethyst chips and rectangles spaced with white potato pearls and genuine peridot chips. Finished with seed beads. Silver plated rose toggle clasp.
My Blue, Blue Heart necklace $30
18" long
Blue foil hearts and coins, Czech crystals and silver plated spacer beads. Beautiful glass heart pendant swirled with aqua and cobalt on silver foil. Silver plated clasp.
Sunny Day necklace $20
18" long
Bright shell coins in lime green, bright yellow and neon orange spaced with gold plated balls. Gold plated toggle clasp.
Around the World necklace $40
18" long
Deep blue Lapis coin and pebble beads, green Czech crystals, copper spacers and filigree rounds. Finished with a copper toggle.
The Waffle Matrix necklace $30
Up to 18" long
This modern piece features free form glass beads with a shiny coating arranged in a grid. Silvery gray glass pearls and icy blue rondels complete this piece. Aluminum chain and a silver plated lobster clasp.
Smoke on the Water necklace $35
Shortest strand 16" long
Large blue coin beads (about 1" each) dominate this necklace. Purple Czech crystals, blue Swarovskis and silver plated filigree beads round out this piece. Aluminum chain and silver plated toggle.
Full Bloom necklace $30
18" long
Crystals, pink cat's eye glass, rose lampwork beads, green onyx and natural rose quartz chunks and ovals. Tiny Czech pressed glass hearts dangle in a cluster. Gold plated spacers, chain and toggle clasp.
Give It A Whirl necklace $20
21-1/2" long
Composite beads made with blue shell, seed beads and a silver plated rectangular pendant with blue enamel and crystals. Silver plated oval links and toggle clasp.
Bump In The Night necklace $30
21" long
Black Czech crystal focal, bumpy lampwork beads, blue foil hearts, black and white Czech glass, seed beads and tiny silver plated spacers. Silver plated toggle clasp.
Spicy necklace $55
18" long
A festive mix of glass pearls in cream, golden, cayenne, brown, and citrine rondels, Czech andSwarovski crystals, copper beads and toggle clasp.
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Cerulean Elegance necklace $60
Shortest strand 20" long
Large faceted iridescent blue ovals, rondels and rectangles make this statement necklace sparkle. Lavender oval glass pearls, Czech crystals, silver plated bead caps and special slide lock clasp.
Wilderness necklace $40
19" long - adjustable
Multi strand twisted mix of blue and green foil, Czech crystals, glass pearls, wooden beads, and metal charms. Closed with a silver plated lobster clasp.